Hair Loss Halted

Been on PriaPlex for 3 weeks now so I’m giving it 4 stars because it hasn’t been that long to give a 5. But I have noticed some crucial things in my fight against age-related hair loss as well as androgenic alopecia. Now my hair always feels more moisturized, almost like it feels as if it just air-dried after shampooing and conditioning it. I’ve noticed my hair growing stronger and faster. Thicker hairs. My temples were coming back decent with Propecia and everything else I do but once I added PriaPlex…boy oh boy, my hair is loving me. And as for the skin tone theory, yeah, that’s real. I’m not a pale white ghost anymore. Very nice, even flush. Blood circulation through the skin is on point. I believe that is very major component to this supplement because follicles, lots of times starve to death from the loss of nutrients it needs. Not because you’re not eating a proper diet, but because blood circulation is everything when it comes down to delivering nutrients to the follicle. So A+. It’s working. It really is. Like I said, only thing i have not really seen yet is the increase of energy assumption. But hey, its early still and i just want to thank you all @ tango and all the researchers who made this supplement a reality. There are so many snake oils out there and to have real evidence and honest people working on the fight against non-sense hair loss is truly a blessing. You all are awesome and deserve every penny of your riches that will continue to bless you. When you’re honest, hard working, and passionate about something you become successful and all the benefits are well deserved. Congratulations on your achievement PriaPlex! It’s the real deal people. Hence the price and out of stock at times scenario. Don’t be foolish, that tells you right there! I’m a normal average guy that takes a lot of pride and how I look, self-confidence does amazing things in other parts of your life. I’m not making a fake statement to get paid. I’m a Christian and would not do that. These people deserve a firm handshake and drinks on the house. Only thing I hate about writing this review is not being able to show you pictures! God bless, keep fighting, don’t give up and thank you PriaPlex and Tango!

-Chris Bowers

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