Noticeable, Immediate Improvement

At 22 years old I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. I had been losing hair for the last 6 or more years and at the time of being diagnosed I had lost around 70% or more of my hair (I was lucky enough to have extremely thick hair to start with). I was prescribed both the oral form of Minoxidil and Spironolactone by my dermatologist but I was desperate to have my hair back as fast as possible. After a lot of online research I decided to also use a laser comb and to try PriaPlex.I started using all of these at around the same time and there was noticeable and immediate improvement. Lots of small shoots of hair began filling in the gaps (though still nowhere near what my natural hair used to be like), and my hair almost completely stopped falling out (less than a what is considered a “normal” amount, being only a few strands a day was lost). The hair that grew was also a lot nicer, much smoother and appeared stronger than before. My hairline also came further in towards my face (though it had never receded prior anyway). And it grew really fast! In total I took 3 months of PriaPlex, then decided I would stop taking it to see if there was any change. When I stopped taking it the amount of hair falling out increased (still not an amount that would be medically considered problematic but I’d like to keep as much as possible!), and it also stopped growing as fast as it was. These were the incentives that are making me now go back to taking it. When I stopped taking it and these changes happened it showed me that PriaPlex was having an effect that was above and beyond that of the other medications and the laser comb. There were a few negative effects (or just things that were not so great). It improves the growth of ALL your hair, not just the hair on your head. Hair on my legs, arms, stomach, back, and “fluff” on my face grew as well. The hair on my legs, arms, back and stomach grew darker as well (I’m becoming very good friends with my laser hair removal techs!), and may have tried waxing my face at one point. I also had much nicer and darker eyebrows, and my eyelashes even appeared to grow a little longer. BUT as soon as I stopped taking PriaPlex, all this hair stopped growing and went back to what it was prior. I would 100% recommend PriaPlex to anyone in my position, but if you don’t want the additional hair everywhere else on your body, make sure you consider the cost of hair removal as well.


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